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This car was started in the 1980’s but delayed due to other projects and a family business. Completed in the mid-1990’s, the car has a kit car company body and windshield, but everything else is custom fabricated. Features include an independent front suspension with XJ-12 components and a FitzGerald designed independent rear suspension with billet aluminum arms and pairs of longitudinal locating Watts’s linkages on each side. Power is an “oval track – sprint car type” 406 cid small block Ford, built on a Cleveland block. The engine has a Holley Projection-4 CNC fuel system and has generated over 600 HP. The drive system includes a Centerforce dual-friction clutch and a Jericho NASCAR 4-speed gearbox. The gearbox magnesium case was actually run in the # 21 Winston Cup car. It was extensively modified for Cobra street use, eliminating the excessive slop typical of the era “NASCAR Cup Car” gearboxes. In its fifth year of street use, the car is a ball to drive!
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