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In 1965, Paul and his friend and SCCA driver, John Sharrigan, built the Brahma B-II CanAm B-Sports road-racing car. This car was designed by Paul FitzGerald with an all aluminum, semi-monocoque structure and a unique 4-wheel independent suspension design. Powered by a 285 HP BDA Ford engine, the car with fluids, weighed 960 pounds. John set numerous course records and won countless SCCA event. He finally won the 1972 National Championship in B Sports Racing. The car is currently being restored in Great Britain.

This chassis was built about the same time Jim Hall was building his famous Chaparral A-Sports Racer in Texas. Both cars unknowingly shared the same frame construction technology, utilizing stressed aluminum panels, riveted together rather using a heavier and more flexible, welded steel tubing structure. The body was designed by Sikorsky Aircraft Engineer Neil Chiavaroli and was built of full-size forms by Chiavaroli, FitzGerald and Sharrigan. This car began “life” with an Abarth 4-cylinder engine, which was quickly replaced when the new Ford BDA power plant became available.

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